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Beat Your Best

On Wednesday 12th July, the Sports and House captains put on a ‘Beat Your Best’ event for children who find physical activity challenging. They had planned a variety of fun multiskills activities to help the children with their throwing, dribbling and hand and eye coordination.

Each event lasted for three minutes, in which time participants had to score as many points as they could. When they had had a go on every event, they then tried to ‘Beat their Best’ score the second time round. This told them if they had improved on that particular skill.

It was great fun and the Crew and House captains were exemplary as they encouraged and helped the children with the activities.

At the end, Zara (chairman of the Sports Crew) thanked everyone and congratulated all the participants’ for trying their best. The captains and Crew then made a guard of honour and clapped as each child received a certificate.

Well done Sports Crew and House captains you were super role models and helped to make the event a great success.